Monday, September 19, 2011

Love Sayings

Feelings are best expressed through words, and when it comes to love, you must say it with all your emotions. The heartfelt thoughts and innermost feelings need to be conveyed. Don’t shy away from saying that you love, even if you have done a million times before. Love Sayings are the best way to ignite the fire of love from the beginning again. There is a much deeper significance of love than it appears. Expressing the heartfelt thoughts is the only thing that we need to do to keep love alive.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Khudurukuni /Bhalukuni Osa/puja In Orissa

On the Sundays of the month of Bhadrab (Aug-Sept) this festival is observed by the unmarried girls of the business community of the coastal districts of Orissa. During the festival Goddess Durga is propitiated Khude Bhaja (Left out particles of rice that are fried), Kantiali Kakudi (Cucumber having little thorns on it), Lia (fried paddy), Ukhuda(fried paddy sweetened by molasses) and coconut are the food-offerings given to the deity. However, the principal food-offering is Khuda which is said to be the favourite of the Goddess. Therefore, the festival is named as "Khudarankuni" or popularly 'Khudurkuni' which means one who is very eager for khuda.

In the early morning the girls go out collecting flowers required for the ritual. The varieties are Kaniara, Godibana, Tagara, Malati, Champa, Mandera and Kain. Then they go to nearby rivers and tanks to have purificatory bath. After this they build tiny temples of earth or sand and decorate the same with flowers. Paying obeisence to the deity there, they return to their respective homes. They take two and half mouthfuls of boiled rice mixed with water without adding salt. Then salt is added. The significance of this act is not known. After this the, whole day is spent in making garlands and decorating the image of the Goddess.

Rakshabandhan - The Bond of Love - Celebrate on 13th August

The relationships are the essence of celebration. This holds true for any Indian festival. Each festival brings the families together. It calls for a total festive environment. The celebration of one such relationship is Raksha Bandhan; the celebration of brother sister relationship. The sibling relationship is nowhere so celebrated as in India. The brother sister relationship is no where so worshiped as here. It is this affection and love that is celebrated on the Raksha Bandhan.

Rakshaa Bandhan stirs up one of the deepest and noblest emotions in the human breast - the abiding and chaste bond of love between the brother and the sister. It goes far beyond the mere personal protection of a female from a male. It also implies the basic element of an amicable and harmonious social life where all members of the society look upon themselves as brothers and sisters and as children of one common motherland.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Different in between true love and love ?

Can anyone define the true meaning of love in a relationship? People often use the word "love" casually in everyday conversation. "I love this house. I love my dog. I love to grow vegetables." What does this really mean? When we use this word so often does its meaning become watered down so it has less impact? Different people may define love in different ways.

There are many ways of looking at this very common question that people ask; love and friendship: are they synonymous? The simplest answer to this is that love and friendship are not synonymous however friendship can lead to love. It basically depends upon a person's perception and how he sees a particular relationship specially that of friendship.

Even though Love and Lust make a person go through a particular range of emotions in actuality they are not identical. One should practically make out the differences between the two so as to get committed to a person based on one among these. It has to be noted that the distinction between the two is truly huge.

Many essential oils used in aromatherapy, including rose and jasmine, are believed to encourage loving feelings and/or to exert an aphrodisiac action. While essential oils of jasmine and rose appear similar at first glance-both are known for their enhancement of romantic love and lovemaking-they are really very different. Plants are alive and all living things are ensouled. This article discusses rose oil and jasmine oil from the perspective of their inner soul-nature (as elaborated by the Spiritual PhytoEssencing synthesis) and highlights their differences regarding romantic love, sexuality and the soul.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everything lost in true love

The question of whether true love really exists cannot be answered without first clarifying what true love really is. However, the concept of “true love” has already absorbed so many qualities from literature, television, and magazines that it can no longer be approached with any objectivity. Trying to consider true love freshly at this point would be like trying to taste a wine while you are eating a hot dog.

The image that comes to mind when someone mentions true love is of two inspired individuals, fatefully drawn to each other and ready to risk their lives for the other person’s sake - in essence, Romeo and Juliet. Despite the prevalence of this perception, I have never actually witnessed such a perfect relationship in real life. The closest thing I can think of is something I term “pure love”: love that contains the boundless excitement that only a child can experience.

True love happens to some people many times, to others only once, and to still others not at all. The ability to experience pure love depends upon the strength of your idealism. You are more likely to feel it if you are a fourteen year-old girl who believes in fairies, and less likely if you are a forty year-old investment banker who rejoices when the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates. However, no matter how old you are, you can experience pure love if you suspend your adult feelings for a while and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable.

I experienced pure love during the summer after I turned fifteen years old, before I had ever kissed a girl. I met Melissa on a family vacation, on a cruise boat called The Inspiration. I first saw her inside the disco while I was with my family. She was sitting off to the side with a group of people I didn’t know. I eventually got the courage to go over and ask her to dance, and even though she hesitated, we were soon on the dance floor together. As it turned out, we both hated dancing, so we went outside and hung out on the steps for the rest of the night. We talked for hours, until it was time for her curfew. I remember standing up and giving her a hug goodnight, and my whole body tingling with joy once she had disappeared into the elevator.

There wasn’t a single moment I didn’t think about her for the next twenty four hours. The following night we met back at the disco. It was formal night, and she was in a velvety black dress. We skipped the dancing part this time and went to walk around on the upper level of the ship. Earlier that day, I had asked my dad for advice on how to kiss a girl and he told me to use “gentle persuasion”: to lightly lift the bottom of her chin and guide her lips toward mine. That evening, though I was looking good in my best suit, I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life. So, when she stopped walking and asked me if I wanted to go over to the balcony and watch the waves, I could feel a deep pounding inside my chest. The wind was whipping through her hair, causing it to fly about wildly, and this intensity was the only comfort I could find at that moment, for it mimicked the frenzy inside of me. After a few minutes, she asked if we could go back to her room so she could change out of her formal dress.

I was sure our moment had been ruined. But when she emerged from her stateroom a few minutes later, newly clad in jeans and smelling of some tantalizing body spray, my hope was renewed. On her suggestion, we went back up to the observation deck and returned to the exact same spot. We talked about a few ordinary things for a while, and then all at once my fear sank to the bottom of my chest like a single, dense weight, and I heard myself say “Melissa, I really like you.”

“I really like you too, Evan.”

And with that, I raised my bloodless arm, placing my hand underneath her chin, and kissed her. I tried to remember to open and close my mouth slowly, but my vision was black, and I had no feeling in my entire body. Perhaps a minute later, I regained some composure and started concentrating on what I was doing. I felt the moistness of her lips and tasted her saliva with life-affirming euphoria.

When we finally separated for a moment, she said “Wow - you’re a really good kisser.”

We spent the last four days of the cruise together. I remember the simple and expressive way she told me that she liked me, the intensity of her eyes after we kissed, and the specialness I felt when we walked around together at night, holding hands.

After the vacation, we wrote each other letters with gifts enclosed every week. We traded pictures from the vacation in one of them, she sent me a bottle of her shampoo (I worshiped the smell) in another, and I wrote her poetry in others. We called each other as much as our moms would let us. She lived ten hours north of me, but I didn’t care. I would have seen her every weekend if I had a car or the money to fly.

Meeting Melissa ushered in the worst period I had ever had in my relationship with my mom. She thought the idea of having a long distance girlfriend was impractical, and that it would only lead to disappointment for me. We fought constantly about whether I was allowed to fly out there, and although I ultimately lost the battle, I did everything short of running away from home to try to see her again. In one heated fight, I screamed at my mom: “You’ll regret this when Melissa and I get married one day and I don’t invite you to our wedding!”

About a month after the cruise, on a Tuesday night, I was sitting on the floor of my room using the twenty-minutes-every-other-day long distance time my mom had allotted me. Melissa and I were talking about how much we missed each other. Then she told me about something she had been feeling.

“I don’t know if it’s love, but I feel something…it’s like fireworks inside of me” she said.

“Really?...I do too.”

“Do you think it’s all right to say it?”

I paused. “Yeah. Let’s say it.”

“Okay, you first.”

“I…love you.”

“I love you too.”

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Its only 4 U my Sweet Friend

I wrote this article about how to cope with loosing a loved one because I have lost several who are very close loved ones over the years. It was when I lost my first wife, the experience that came with that loss and the great blessings that followed, which let me know that death is just part of life. In my article, I explain how and why, I know, there is life after death.

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "If only I could find a partner, someone to love me, have my own 'true love story'' then I'd feel more fulfilled, whole, and happy." If you recognize those thoughts, if you identify with them, then I'd like to let you in on a secret, one that will take you toward that true love story of your very own.

Human beings experience love in direct proportion to their level of consciousness. True love is our natural state. True love imposes nothing on another, and in turn requires nothing but merely delights in the uniqueness of each being. Freedom is always an essential ingredient of true love.